NutriBioticTM - The Simple Solution

Dosage Information

Professional use only
Ailment Treatment Time Frame
Candidiasis Concentrate: 5 - 10 drops 2 - 3 times per day Depending on the severity and length or time or condition treatment may last 1 month to three months or more.
Gastro intestinal disorder Concentrate: 3 - 5 drops in a glass of water or juice two times daily Up to a month or as long as necessary
Sore Throat Concentrate: 5 - 10 drops in water - gargle and swallow 3 - 5 times per day. Sore throat may ease after first gargle
Gum Disorders Concentrate: 3 drops in a glass of water gargle and swallow. twice daily. In the morning and before bed
Ear Infection Concentrate: 4 - 10 drops in 20ml of glycerin. Put 1 - 2 drops of diluted solution in affected ear. Never use full strength. Repeat as often as needed
Warts Concentrate: Apply 2 drops of full concentrate rubbing directly onto the wart. 
Foot Powder: Apply liberally after bathing. 3 - 5 drops in with cloths when washing and the same amount to a litre of water when cleaning bath and shower basin.
Apply 2 times daily for 3 weeks or as required
Athlete's Foot Shower Gel: When bathing wash with Shower Gel. 
Foot Powder: Apply liberally after bathing.
As required
Nail Fungus Concentrate: apply 1 drop directly on the surface of the nail and underneath the front of the nail. If you get a burning sensation rinse off and use a diluted solution (10 drops in a table spoon of water). Apply two or more times daily.
Vaginal Rinse Concentrate: Add 3 - 5 drops per 250ml water. Douche once daily for one week, more often if required. If irritation continues discontinue use.
Diarrhea Concentrate: 5 - 10 drops in 150ml of water or juice. Once or twice daily.
Psoriasis Concentrate: 5 - 10 drops in water or juice 
Shower gel: Wash with Shower Gel (non pore clogging) including scalp.
Two times daily
Excema Shower Gel: Wash daily instead of cake soap as is non pore clogging. When showering