Also known as: Eczema


Inflammation of the Skin caused by an outside agent and characterized by Rashes and Itching of the Skin.


Dermatitis sufferers usually have low serum Glutathione Peroxidase levels [scientific research - humans].

Exogenous Substances


Selenium assists Dermatitis sufferers by increasing the Glutathione Peroxidase levels that are usually 

deficient in Dermatitis sufferers [scientific research - humans].
Dermatitis sufferers require additional Zinc.


Dermatitis is a symptom of Biotin deficiency.
   Dermatitis is a symptom of Inositol deficiency.
   Grapefruit Extract is high in Biotin, an important nutrient for the utilization of dietary fats.
   PABA @ 1 gram daily successfully treats many Dermatitis sufferers [scientific research - humans].
   Vitamin A (orally or topically).
Dermatitis of the Scrotum or Vulva may be due to Vitamin B2 deficiency.

These Foods Alleviate Dermatitis