Grapefruit Seed Extract for External Use

Information Sheets

Mouth and Lips
Teeth and Gums
Throat Area Nose & Paranasal Sinuses
Ears Face
Scalp & Hair Skin
Feet Finger & Toe Nails
Vagina and Genitals

    There is a large range of symptoms for which grapefruit seed extract can be applied externally. Wherever bacteria, viruses, fungi, or other parasites have caused diseases of the skin or mucous membranes, the extract can create the preconditions for healing by killing the pathogens. Freed from the undesired micro-organisms, the body can carry out the healing process without any difficulty. If you would like to do even more, you can support the regeneration of the skin and mucous membranes through aloe vera, for example.
    A great wealth of experience is available when it comes to the external use of grapefruit seed extract. Holistic health practitioners and doctors who prescribe the extract for their patients report extraordinarily good healing success.
    Grapefruit seed extract should generally not be used in full strength. We have made special mention of the few exceptions to this rule. For some applications, it is advisable to dilute the extract with oil instead of water. Almond, olive, sesame, or avocado oil are particularly suitable for this purpose. The extract should always be mixed well with the water or the oil. Never let grapefruit seed extract get into the eyes since it can cause strong irritations. In case of an emergency, immediately wash out the eyes with lots of warm water and consult a physician, if necessary.
    When using ready-made grapefruit seed extract products, please always pay attention to the instructions for use and the dosage information on the package. * In case of doubt, ask a doctor, pharmacist, or therapist for advice.

Please note: The dosages given in the following chapters relate to the normal retail strength usually labelled as 33%. This dilution is one part of a proprietory grapefruit extractive (which is itself 60% grapefruit extractives and 40% glycerine veg. U.S.P. since glycerine is used in the extractive process), to which 2 parts of glycerine or water have been added. This dilution therefore contains only 20% portion of grapefruit extractives, since the basic extract already contains 40% glycerine. A declaration of 20% extract would therefore be more correct and companies are encouraged to declare the actual strength.) Where very large amounts are used and our figures relate to the undiluted, 60% basic extract, we mention this clearly in the text. We have suggested, that all producers offer the same strengths and drop size in order to avoid confusion with dosages. You should always check the strength and dosage instructions on the bottle.