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We plant the seeds, you reap the  benefits


GSE stops Bacteria, Fungi, Candida

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The 2nd most common type of Arthritis and also classified as a form of Rheumatism. Also known as: Monilia; Thrush; Vaginal Thrush; Candidiasis; Yeast InfectionPectins lower total serum Cholesterol levels by binding to and causing the excretion of Cholesterol.Grapefruit promotes the elimination of old Red Blood Cells (due to Naringin) [scientific research - humans].Amino Acids are the foundation of all protein. Diarrhoea is a symptom of other ailments and is not in itself a disease.Grapefruit Extract, friendly to the beneficial micro organisms in the gut. Highly infectious Fungal Disease caused by various detrimental Fungi. Hesperidin prevents infection from and suppresses some VirusesInflammation of the Skin caused by an outside agent and characterized by Rashes and Itching of the Skin.Giardia is a microscopic parasite that can be found in water. Biotin improves the function of the Digestive System






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