Letters and Recommendations

The following are just a few examples of how Citricidal and NutriBiotic products have helped to cure or treat several persistent and painful conditions. For a full description of all the conditions Citricidal improves, see "Liquid Gold!".

        My name is Suzann Tiborez Frisk and I'm writing this to tell you about my experiences with Citricidal. A few years ago I suffered from candida and had to eliminate a lot of foods and take vitamin supplements. I wasn't all that happy with the result and the candida lingered on. Then I learnt about Citricidal from my local health food shop. I followed the recommendation of taking Citricidal three times a day and within just a few days my Candida cleared up. Now, if the candida threatens to flare up, I'll go straight back on the Citricidal.
I have also had great success treating my hayfever this year. It's been my first encounter with the allergy and being a singer I have found it most debilitating. After trying the usual over-the-counter medicines I thought I'd try Citricidal. I was very suprised to find the blocked sinuses would clear within 10 minutes of taking Citricidal. When the hayfever is really bad I take up to 10 drops every half hour to hour.
Citricidal is very potent and has worked for me.

    Suzann Tiborez Frisk

Dear Sir,
        Regarding your letter and sample to me of "Traveler's Friend". I have found it to be extremely helpful, especially in regard to digestive bloating, tiredness and flatulence.
There were no observed side effects, certainly none of the possible effects mentioned in previous literature (such as diarrhea and stomach irritation). In fact the extract was quite gentle to the stomach and eliminated much stomach pain.
I recommend this extract to others and would like to know where to obtain more supplies as it made me feel more and more healthy as the course came to an end.

    Sue-Anne Rowan

    I am a 35 year old female and have suffered from food intolerances and allergies for many years.
This year I was diagnosed with also having Rheumatoid Arthritis and was given a very strict diet to follow. Over the years I had suffered a great deal of pain in my joints and just blamed it on eating the wrong foods, not suspecting it was arthritis. The allergist wanted me to take a course of antibiotics for the treatment and cure of the arthritis and this would have lasted approximately five years.
I wasn't impressed and it all seemed contradictory being on a cleansing diet and then treating me with a drug, which caused some repercussions, ie candida. I wanted a second opinion and maybe to find an alternative. That was when I discovered "Traveler's Friend".
As well as keeping to my diet, I took the doses of 15 drops twice a day and after a month the pain was subsiding. I began to realise also that if I strayed from my diet and ate an allergin, I wouldn't suffer so greatly as I had done in the past. But recently, I concluded that maybe I no longer required this treatment and ceased the drops for a week. During that time, my pain increased again. One day I had strayed moderatly from my diet and the following day I was crying with the pain everywhere in my body. Feet, hands, knees. My joints were in agony. I decided to proceed again with my "Traveler's Friend" immediatly, taking one dosage, by that same afternoon the pain was subsiding.
I have also found the "Traveler's Friend" not only helps (together with diet) with my arthritis, but also with candida which I have suffered with for many years intermittently.
I have been pleased with the results for the past four months and I recommend to others to try it and hope they too can benefit from it as I have. It is not a cure for my arthritis but it makes it more bearable. My mother calls it "The People's Friend" for she has noticied the difference it had made to me.

    Karen Greenough