NutriBiotic Skin Care Line

The NutriBiotic line of skin care products is the most complete using

Citricidal as one of its main ingredients.

Superior Ingredients...

All NutriBiotic skin care products contain Citricidal, a standardized extract of grapefruit. Citricidal is used to help promote and maintain healthy skin tissue. The products do not contain sodium lauryl sulphate (an irritating sudsing agent) and are free of chlorie derivatives and colourings.

Shower Gel (355ml)

A whole body conditioning gel that contains natural skin conditioners to moisturize your skin and is PH balanced. Shower Gel includes some very important herbs including rosemary, a stimulant to peripheral circulation and is most useful for dandruff, thyme for infection, sage as an anti-inflammatory and althea, soothing especially inflamed tissues.

Bubble Bath (473ml)

A fresh scented oil free gel with 1% Citricidal, also including sage, thyme and yarrow extracts. Mounds of moisturizing foam that is gentle enough for children, and the bubbles last!

Foot Powder (113g)

This natural formulation is designed to promote healthy tissue and provide protection from unwanted skin conditions. NutriBiotic Foot Powder contains grapefruit extract and tea tree oil, used by health care professionals to protect the human body.

Deodorant Stick (75g)

NutriBiotic deodorant stick uses 1% Citricidal to provide natural long lasting protection against odor with just a few strokes and is non-scented which will not interfere with your perfumes, colognes or after shave lotion.

NutriBiotic First Aid Skin Ointment

Skin Ointment contains 2 % Grapefruit Extract and Lysine. Broad spectrum healing powers. Ideal for numerous skin conditions. Oil free formula. As an Emergency Remedy NutriBiotic Skin Ointment is an ideal emergency remedy for smaller injuries, burns, and other problems. Whether for small accidents while on trips, during sports, at work, or in the household the Skin Ointment with its helpful, antiseptic effect can be used everywhere and should not be missing in any backpack, first-aid box or bag, or in any family or company medicine chest. Smaller cuts, skin abrasions, and scratches can be treated with NutriBiotic Skin Ointment. Rashes For non-specific rashes, try to first clarify the cause. However, even if this isn't possible, NutriBiotic Skin Ointment offers good chances of improvement.. Apply 2 times a day and observe the effect.

NutriBiotic Nasal Spray

this natural formulation is designed to promote healthy tissue and provide protection from unwanted sinus conditions such as Sinusitis, Nasal Ulcers. Contains Grapefruit Extract combined with sodium ascorbate (buffered vitamin C). Soothing, moisturising and healing formula.

Traveler's Friend/NutriBiotic Grapefruit Extract Formular

An all natural treatment for drinking water. Traveler's Friend is the grapefruit extract. This product has changed the way people travel and for the first time you and many others have a method of water treatment that is harmful only to the nasty organisms that make traveling so unpleasant.
Uses and doses for Traveler's Friend & Others

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