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Test Results

The following analytical results illustrate that Citricidal can have a broad and efficacious range of applications, offering superior performance compared with commonly used antimicrobial agents, while fulfilling standard performance criteria. The following information is representative of additional test results, including safety data, which are available upon request from bio/chem.

Relative Potency of Anti-Microbial Agents
The Minimum Inhibitory Concentration Study is a microbiological assay used to evaluate the relative potency of Citricidal compared to other antimicrobial agents. This study demonstrates Citricidal to be a minimum of ten (IOX) to one hundred times (IOOX) more effective than other agents tested against the organisms used in this study.

USP Preservative Challenge Test
The USP Preservative Challenge test evaluates the ability of a product to withstand microbial insult. it is designed to determine whether the product is protected from microorganisms, which would alter the quality and integrity of a finished formulation. This study demonstrates that Citricidal is as effective as methylparaben in meeting the requirements of the USP Preservative Effectiveness Test. It also demonstrates that Citricidal has a more rapid onset of activity in reducing the concentration of viable organisms. (Please note: Citricidal is cationic.)